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Restore Your Skins Youthful Complexion

Skin imperfections like sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles can impact your career and social life. Now you can achieve younger, healthier looking skin with our unique skin rejuvenation treatment safely and painlessly. A completely non-invasive, non-abrasive treatment with no recovery time; simply walk in and walk out.

Improve your skins texture and tone and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles with LHE. A comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatment may simultaneously include several of these goals by stimulating new collagen growth that will help replenish and even out the shrunken dermis layer. Tone and texture improve and fine lines and wrinkles fade as collagen rebuilds.

Depending on the number of conditions you are treating and the severity, a series of five or six treatments may be recommended. Larger areas will take longer while smaller areas such as hands may take less time. After treatment your face may appear flushed but it usually fades within a few hours. There is no downtime so makeup can be used right after so you can return immediately to work.

Common Treatments & Treatment Areas:

  • Reduce wrinkles & fine lines
  • Collagen renewal
  • Fine lines and wrinkles


Wrinkle Reduction & Collagen Renewal around eyes


Wrinkle Reduction & Collagen Renewal on cheeks


Wrinkle Reduction & Collagen Renewal on hands

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